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HALL HIRE CHARGES EFFECTIVE 1ST APRIL 2020.  Hire Charges if booked from 1st April 2021 also shown 

















The tariff rates are described as below: -
Standard Rate (Non-village - Occasional individual, Commercial and Government funded.)
Village Rate (Village - individual occasional.)
Village Adult Regular User (Village – Volunteer run regular hirer for adult users and Govt. funded operations,)
Village Junior Regular User (Village – Volunteer run regular hirer for junior users without Govt. funding)
Definitions: -
‘Village’ = New and Old Groombridge and outlying Hamlets;
‘Commercial’ = run by a business or an individual for profit or personal earnings;
‘Regular’ = 12 or more bookings in a period of 12 months;
‘Volunteer’ run by one or more individuals on a charitable ‘not-for-gain’ basis (this does not preclude them from paying a professional to work for them);
‘Adult’ = 16 years old or more; ‘Junior’ = under 16 years of age;
‘Govt. funded’ = any operation paid for mainly out of National and Local Government controlled taxes;
‘exclusive use of Main kitchen’ includes free use of cutlery and crockery.

Cooking utensils, are kept locked, for security, in the Committee cupboard but will be made available at no charge on request to the booking secretary.

The hall does not have its own glasses.

BREAKAGES must be paid for.
Hiring only external areas and car park can be negotiated with the booking secretary
Please note we are unable to hire tables and chairs for use outside of the hall
Please note ‘Bouncy Castles’ type equipment is not allowed by our Insurers

Booking Enquiries
Please contact the booking secretary, Duncan Sanders, ‘Rowans’ Withyham Road, Groombridge, East Sussex. TN3 9QR.
 Phone: 07552 170679 or Email:

The Licensing Act 2003
This act came into force on 24th November 2005. Its main ramifications upon users relate to the provision of alcohol. ANY event where it is intended to provide alcohol whether by sale or not, including ‘free’, ‘gifted’ or ‘bring-your-own’ provision and even where consumption is incidental to the main purpose of the event, MUST be notified to the booking secretary preferably at the time of making the booking but in any case, at least 3 weeks before the date of the event to ensure the provisions of the 2003 Licensing Act are met.
Under the act most circumstances will be routinely dealt with by the booking secretary and our Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). All events at which alcohol will be sold, if not approved will not be confirmed.  DPS approval supersedes the Occasional Permissions Magistrates licence, now known as a Temporary Events notice (TEN). In the event, there is no DPS available hirers need to obtain a TEN from Wealden District Council and pass a copy to booking secretary.

                                                                                 VILLAGE RATE                STANDARD RATE                     VILLAGE - ADULT            VILLAGE - YOUTH

                                                                                                                                                                               Regular User                       Regular User

                                                                                  2020      2021                     2020           2021                       2020        2021                     2020          2021

Main Hall or New Hall (ph)                                        £14.60    £15.00                £18.28        £18.75                     £8.80        £9.00                   £5.84         ££6.00

Club Room (ph)                                                        £6.44       £6.60                  £8.04          £8.25                       £3.86        £3.96                   £2.56          £2.64

Kitchen (ph)                                                              £4.00       £4.00                  £4.00          £4.00                       £4.00        £4.00                   £4.00          £4.00

WHOLE BUILDING (Total of all venues

hourly rate capped at 11hrs )                                 £436.04    £446.60             £534.60       £547.25                   £280.06     £285.56              £280.06       £285.56